Fund - Research & Educational Programs

The KFUPM Fund for Research & Educational Programs is a department at KFUPM that manages incoming financial support from different resources such as Alumni Contributions, Partners & Sponsors of KFUPM; to ensure sustainable support to many Programs in three (3) main categories:

- Educational Programs.

- Research & Innovation Programs.

- Campus Development Programs.

Towards Excellence

Since 2007, the KFUPM Fund has grown +35% on average year-on-year. So far, we have made an average annual return of 6%, whilst expenditure from the Fund has varied between 3% to 5% a year of the average market value of the Fund over three years.

How to Contribute?

You may make a direct deposit at the Saudi National Bank Account:

- Account Name: Fund for Research & Educational Programs.

- SNB IBAN#: SA61-1000-0016-8491-4900-0102


Visit the Contribution Page for an online payment option.

Reach us by phone or email to facilitate your contribution: or call: +966 13 860-8494

More Information

KFUPM Fund Microsite