Entrepreneurship Institute

KFUPM is committed to fostering a spirit of entrepreneurship and developing the human talent to create new job opportunities across the nation. One of the major drivers of this is the KFUPM Entrepreneurship Institute.

KFUPM Entrepreneurship Institute (EI) started out in 2011 as a business incubator for multiple startups. In 2014 it was recognized as an Institute, bringing together three main centers for entrepreneurial education, incubation, and studies. The EI envisions to become the hub to nurture and harness the Kingdom’s entrepreneurial energy and values to contribute to its socioeconomic development. Its mission is to foster entrepreneurial mindset through education, training, and research, as well as providing logistical and/or financial support for the formation and growth of high potential startups in KSA. The EI offers many unique opportunities and programs in collaboration and partnership with the industry and the business communities such as the Entrepreneurial Emerging Leadership Acceleration Program, Nusahem Program, the Keys of Goodness Grant Program, the Dhahran Techno-Valley Startup Challenge and many others.

The EI work involves:

 – Encouraging an entrepreneurial mindset across the University through problem solving

 – Equipping students, researchers, and faculty with the tools to become entrepreneurs

 – Helping entrepreneurs and students establishing their own startups to diversify the economy and create new jobs

 – Building a culture of mentorship

The EI aims to:

 – Create the leading Entrepreneurship Institute (EI) in the Region.

 – Build a network of alumni, business leaders and corporations that support the EI and its entrepreneurial vision.

 – Establish the most respected mentorship program in the Kingdom.

 – Engage students and faculty in adopting an Entrepreneurial Mindset to problem solving.

 – Teach the critical elements necessary to support the development of new products, services and companies.

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