Research & Innovation

KFUPM continues its mission to be a leading research-intensive University achieving distinction not only nationally, but also internationally by providing creative and impactful knowledge and innovative solutions. Research and Innovation’s mission is to steer, enable and oversee KFUPM’s research portfolio, and to facilitate its translation into tangible knowledge-based contributions to our economy and society.

Research and Innovation, the cornerstone of basic and applied research activities at KFUPM, is committed to finding solutions to complex problems and help in building a sustainable global future. Consequently, great deal of its research activities are closely aligned with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Research and Innovation has created a strong research base and is recognized for solving critical scientific and technical problems, as well as working on converting knowledge into practice and value. Working in collaboration with the faculty from academic departments and researchers from other research entities, its full-time researchers annually produce hundreds of research reports for industrial and government sponsors.

KFUPM completely overhauled its research and innovation programs and governing structure. The research activities now reflect and emphasize interdisciplinary collaboration across the University research and innovation ecosystem. This is with a primary objective of improving humanity’s wellbeing and addressing national and global challenges by leveraging existing University’s resources. The University’s research transformation is founded in the establishment of Interdisciplinary Research Centers (IRCs) that are specialized in priorities of strategic importance to the Kingdom.

Interdisciplinary Research Centers (IRCs):

KFUPM’s new research centers are composed of multiple disciplines, and of researchers from multiple departments. The research centers are built on thematic rather than disciplinary foundations, spanning engineering, environment and water, refining and petrochemicals, communications and IT, and economics and management systems.

Research and Innovation encompasses 20 research centers created to foster more interconnected academic culture, ensuring that majority of our faculty are affiliated with relevant research centers.

Interdisciplinary Research Centers (IRCs):

 – Advanced Materials

 – Membranes & Water

 – Intelligent Manufacturing & Robotics

 – Smart Mobility & Logistics

 – Intelligent Secure Systems

 – Integrative Petroleum Research

 – Hydrogen & Energy Storage

 – Renewable Energy & Power Systems

 – Refining & Advanced Chemicals

 – Communication Systems & Sensing

 – Finance & Digital Economy

 – Construction & Building Materials

 – Aviation & Space Exploration

Applied Research Centers (ARCs):

 – Environment & Marine Studies

 – Strategic Studies & Planning

 – Metrology, Standards, & Testing

Joint Research Centers (JRCs):

 – SDAIA Center for Artificial Intelligence

 – KACST Center for Energy Efficiency

 – KACARE Center for Energy Research

Research Consortia:

 – KFUPM Consortium for Sustainable Future

 – KFUPM Consortium for Hydrogen Future