KFUPM secures 13th Position of Global Patents

King Fahd University of Petroleum & Minerals jumped to the 13th position in the world universities ranking according to the number of patents filed in US Patent Office according to IFI CLAIMS Patent Services.

KFUPM secures 13th Position of Global Patents

KFUPM TTIE Center at Dhahran Techno Valley

According to this specialized website in providing global industries with annual reports on patents, King Fahd University of Petroleum & Minerals filed 115 patents in 2015 with an increase of 29 patents from 2014 where the university filed 86 patents. Thus the university jumped from 22nd position in 2014 to the 13th in 2015.

King Fahd University surpassed Middle East and Africa universities, and won the third position in Asia after China's Tsinghua University and the Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology.

KFUPM secures 13th Position of Global Patents

H.E. Dr. Khaled S. Al-Sultan, KFUPM Rector, said that the university exceeded its strategic goals in the field of patents, pointing out that the university, which owned only five patents in 2005 became very close to the list of the top ten universities in the world in the field of patents filling.

" Building an integrated innovative system is the cornerstone of the university success in the best investment of inventions' patents. KFUPM had paved its success by focusing on excellence in basic research. Then, the founding of Dhahran Technology Valley became the largest gathering for oil and gas research centers. DTV system includes an Innovation Center, Entrepreneurship Institute and Technology Advancement & Prototyping Center "

He added.

H.E. Rector, Dr. Al-Sultan

Dr. Al Sultan said that KFUPM is not focusing on patents filing as much as the selection of innovative activities and making sure of its feasibility. KFUPM focuses on specific areas and develops its own method of inventions marketing.

He pointed that the university has reached the utmost in preparing its techniques by licensing a number of innovations and brought it to the global markets through making alliances with international companies and a number of local and international start-up companies which had been founded based on the university patent.

He said that the university's success in patent filing and commercialization was a critical result of its strategy in the production, licensing and marketing of intellectual property, in order to contribute in supporting the national economy through creating business entities based on the innovations ideas of KFUPM members.

The university was listed of the top producers of patents since 2011, when it came in 55th place, and continued to rise until it got the 13th in 2015.